Jolly Manifesto

Jolly Manifesto

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A4 Poster Print of our Jolly Manifesto. (Unframed)

This original work by Lily Sanderson is a beautiful illustration of all we stand for here at Jolly Allotment. It is (we think) a wholesome list to live by.

The Jolly Manifesto - All the goodness that keeps our founder, Polly, jolly and well and everything that runs through the core of all that we do here at Jolly Allotment that we try to put into life.

It’s a manifesto to live by - the things Polly fuels her soul with so she is abundant and able to share the overflow of energy to feed others with good food and encouragement.


The Maker

We love this print so much! It is by our beautiful talented friend and resident illustrator - how exciting is that that we are honoured to have the talent that is @lilysandersonart as Jolly HQ’s first resident illustrator.

We love working with her she is so good at taking the seeds in Polly's head and bringing them to life in her illustrations. 

Jolly Allotments wonderful resident illustrator Lily Sanderson has collaborated with Polly to create a collection of unique artworks prints and posters that illustrate our ethos to remind us all that fuelling our soul with goodness so that we overflow with abundance of energy to share with others is the key to living a beautiful connected jolly life. 

Lily Sanderson is an illustrator from Yorkshire living and working in Falmouth, inspired by nature and the everyday. This print series aimed to illustrate the abundance of goodness and wellbeing that Jolly Allotment represents, and how this abundance can help us grow and thrive.

Lily became part of the Jolly allotment community as she is the daughter of a good friend of Polly's who is also an artist. Polly helped Lily last year with some gut related chat and they became friends. When Polly was at Art School she wished she had had more live client projects to work on so loved the idea of commissioning Lily to do some illustration work for Jolly Allotment. We started with one piece and love working together so there is more loveliness to come. We share the profits from the sale of these prints and I have no doubt the Lily is one to watch over the coming months and years. So get in there now and own an original Lily Sanderson.