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Life is about the experiences, people and things that help nourish our everyday. Everything should feel beautiful. Whether it is the food we choose to eat and grow, the crockery we eat it from or the blanket we snuggle under.

This is a carefully curated collection of useful beauty. There are some limited edition bespoke collaborations with creatives and some incredible producers whose produce has helped me heal. All have super incredible people behind them and are made with love so that we can feel abundant with jolly joy.

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Community and connection are two primal human needs for our wellbeing ...

Having a deep rooted connection to the things we use, the food we eat and the land we and it comes from is important for our wellbeing. Life is about how we feel every day so notice the little things, support the creatives that bring so much beauty into the world and really cherish everything you choose to own. By choosing things that are designed and made with love and feeling we bring in more abundance and joy and goodness to our day.

Come into our shop, sit down a while, read our stories and connect with us so we can connect with you.  These are all things we love and believe in!