Honey - Bee Jolly Honey

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A small 180 ml Jar of raw honey collected from our very own Jolly Allotment buckfast and black bees here in Yorkshire. Not heated and nothing extra added. Just pure golden honey.

Size: New Season Available from April size will depend on the harvest. 

The bees forage on a variety of wild flowers, blossom and hedgerow blooms so each batch tastes slightly different. Occasionally the honey will be set if they have been feasting on Rapeseed. The beauty is we never know what we are going to get as it is so seasonal. 


I take a very natural approach to bee keeping so honey is always in limited supply but I am so happy to share what we have. Nothing more beautiful then local honey on your flaxseed loaf in the morning.

I started bee keeping when I was ill and still really suffering from Anxiety. My bees really helped her reconnect to nature and helped her recovery. 

'Its such a beautiful thing to amongst the bees so many life lessons can be learned from them.' - Polly Baldwin Jolly Allotment