Self Love and Abundance - Cup, Bowl, Plate.
Self Love and Abundance - Cup, Bowl, Plate.
Self Love and Abundance - Cup, Bowl, Plate.
Self Love and Abundance - Cup, Bowl, Plate.
Self Love and Abundance - Cup, Bowl, Plate.
Self Love and Abundance - Cup, Bowl, Plate.

Self Love and Abundance - Cup, Bowl, Plate.

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Self Love abundantly so you never give your energy to anyone or anything from an empty cup. 

This bespoke collection for Jolly Allotment is a metaphor for fuelling your self with all the goodness you need to thrive. So that you feel so abundant with health wellbeing, energy and love that you are overflowing. Feeling good and have energy to share your best self with others because you are over flowing with it. It is a little reminder to only share from the over flow.

Drink your tea and eat your supper from these beautiful and unique reminders 'poor and drink from the overflow of abundance'

Plate, Bowl & Cup Set. 

Each of these sets are unique. The size and shape and feel is the same but the overflow of the glaze is different on each piece as they are all thrown and glazed by hand in Kayti's small pottery in North Yorkshire. 

A collaboration between Polly of Jolly Allotment and Potter Kayti Peschke.

Approximate Sizes:

  • Plate - Diameter 222mm, Depth 15mm
  • Bowl - Diameter 145mm, Depth 80mm
  • Cup - Diameter 95mm, Depth 75mm

Available as a set or individually. 

I asked Kayti to make a brunch set that felt comforting to hold and textural. Using them is a sensory experience inviting you to consider how we feel. The clay feels textural to touch, in contrast to the smooth glaze. The glaze flows each plate, bowl and cup inviting you to drink from the smooth overflow and take your energy from there.

Our Founder and collaborator Polly says -

'They are really unique and feel super comforting to hold. I know you will love eating and drinking from this special set just as I do! Designed and hand made just for our Jolly Allotment community.'   

Self care is about being your own best friend, best mother, best father, best support. Being kind to yourself by fuelling your gut with the best food and gifting yourself space and time to do the things you need for your own soul to thrive. It is about only drinking and sharing from the overflow. Its self appreciation, love , care and wellbeing for a jollier more connected life.

The Maker.

A friend of Jolly HQ Kayti Peschke makes ceramics under the name of 'Here Be Monsteras' from her garage studio in York. Her background is in photography and magazine design but she started making pottery and it has become an obsession! She is well known here in Yorkshire and rightly so! She is so Jolly when at the pottery wheel I love watching her. So much love goes into every tiny process.

Kayti had me convinced in this one sentence that we had to work together because she is so right.

‘It is really important to me to create items that serve a purpose whilst bringing a bit of extra joy. A cup of tea in a handmade cup really does taste better, maybe because the process feels more special or you take more time over it? I’m not sure why but it’s true!’

Drinking and eating from hand made pottery gives such an incredible feeling of connection to the person and the item and ourselves. I always eat from hand made plates. None of them match all made by different people but all with its own story. 

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You can follow Kayti on instagram @herebemonstres

She's a beautiful, infectiously joyful person and this energy is in every pot she makes.