Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021
Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021

Gutsy Gathering York - 16th July 2021

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Jolly Gutsy Gathering -  Gut and our Emotional Health Special.

Is your nervous system buzzing? Do you find you are having days where you feel anxious or worried. Do you feel a little more fear than you used to? Do you want to feel more connected to yourself? Do you get nervous before a big meeting or gathering and want to know how to calm yourself? 

Join us for a day of talks and workshops on how to nurture your gut to calm your nervous system and learn how to self soothe nerves, fear and anxiety in the safety of  this intimate fire side gathering in nature. 

I am so excited for this day as I know how much it is needed. I also know how valuable it is as an anxiety and autoimmune warrior. I can't wait for you to meet my special guest! Sara Jones (was Grey). Neurostructural techni practitioner (NST for short ), and EFT, TTT and reflexologist. I just call her the wellness Wizard.

Sara is an EFT specialist this stands for emotional freedom technique, commonly known as tapping. She will teach you about the nervous system and how to use emotional freedom techniques to find home in your body at times of nervousness,  stress, anxiety or pain. She will also take you through some breath work a from the “compassionate mind foundation’. Two empowering and soothing techniques we can all benefit hugely from. 

Without Sara I would not have been able to function this last year. She has helped me so much with the anxiety whilst growing my buissness amongst grief has activated in me. With simple self soothing techniques to get me back in the present and help me feel my emotions acknowledge them and move them through the body. 

It only takes 90 second to move an emotion through the body but because we don't allow our selves to feel or know how to breathe through the feeling we just  suck them up and ignore them. This is when they get stuck in the body causing inflammation and anxiety. This day is going to give you the tools to work through these moments of uncertainty. They are also so good to teach your teenagers and children. 

Feeling calm connected and safe is a primal human need. This is a special day to learn all about practical ways to look after your gut and emotional health to feed your jolly and find calm. The morning is spent around the campfire with me (Polly Baldwin) Jolly Allotments resident gut health expert and the afternoon with special guest Sara Jones is a EFT specialist this stands for emotional freedom technique, commonly known as tapping or TTT is trauma tapping technique.

I use these techniques often and know how valuable they are. We should be teaching this stuff in schools it is so great for teenagers and children so come and learn with us so you can gift yourself and your family.

We’ve all been living in fight and flight for a year, so it is time to bring ourselves back to rest and digest. Come and gather around the campfire at this special venue for a feast and talks on how to move from survive to thrive. Nourish your gut, mind body and soul.

We have created this beautiful safe and nourishing day to help you get back into your body to reconnect with yourself and feel calm and connected to community so you can begin to move from survive to thrive.

  • Take nourishment from Jolly Allotment’s beautiful fire cooked food. 
  • Find peace in the healing methods and word of Sara Jones EFT Specialist.
  • Calm your nervous system to rest and digest with the soul fuelling conversation and community around the fire.

This is a peaceful day that will feed your soul and uplift your heart. You will leave feeling nourished, calm, connected and whole.

We have an incredible breadth of wellness knowledge and healing experience between us. Read our stories on our websites and follow us on Instagram to know who we are.

Polly Baldwin @JollyAllotment - Gut health and connective living expert.

Sara Jones (Grey) - My interest in health and fitness began many years ago and I have continued to be amazed and fascinated by the human body.  

What is Freedom Techniques (EFT / Tapping)

A goal-oriented therapy technique similar to acupuncture, without needles.

"EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. EFT is a practical self-help method that involves using the fingers to gently tap on the body's acupuncture points along the meridian lines of Chinese medicine. It is often referred to as ‘EFT Tapping’ or simply as ‘Tapping’. The therapeutic effects of this technique are recognised around the world.

One can use EFT tapping for nervousness, anxiety, pain, stress and many other issues.

EFT Tapping helps us tune in to the negative patterns that we form around our uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, or troubling memories. We ‘tap’ on the correct pressure points while bringing the thoughts or emotions into consciousness. The aim is to find relief, relaxation, and promote healing around the emotional or physical issues that hold us back." (Text courtesy of AAMET International)

Our afternoon workshop talks all about this and breathe work . empowering you with knowledge of how you can self soothe when you need extra support. This is so important in the fight against daily stress and inflammation so I know you are going to love this! 

This woman is so good you won't find her on Instagram we like to keep her a secret! 


How the day will flow...

This is practical advice day and is different to our reconnection gathering yet just a beautiful and valuable.  We will welcome you to the beautiful woodland garden at The Old Forge in Sand Hutton York, with a light breakfast. Gather around the fire snuggled up under blankets with hot drinks whilst Polly cooks a gut nourishing, coeliac friendly, feast on the campfire and shares her knowledge of how simple nourishment of our gut can help us feel less anxious and more connected and safer in our body. What a good gut healthy life is and why it is so important. A good gut life is not always about removal of foods its more about adding an abundance of goodness. You will be gently empowered with knowledge of simple easy changes you can make to your diet and life rituals to make a powerful change to your physical and mental health.

We feast on our delicious campfire lunch

Lunch will be a tasty three course feast of seasonal coeliac gut nourishing delights cooked over the fire.

Following your lunch Sara

We will finish the day with tea and cake and a community chat around the fire.

How lovely does that all sound?! 

It's going to be so beautiful. I do hope you can join us. It will open your eyes to new possibilities and change the way you think about managing your health and wellbeing.

What did the Gatherers Say?

"It really was a very special day! I loved it and really felt part of a warm and welcoming community even though I'd only just met everyone, I try to eat well and take care of myself but as I came away from the gathering, I had a new found sense of the importance of self-care through a natural and nutritious diet.”

"I’ve really been given a great push from your day.”

"Weeks on I am still feeling the positive uplifting energy from your Gutsy Gathering Thank You!”

"Thank you so much for today - amazing!! You were brilliant and it was so lovely to meet everyone. I got so much more out of it than I could have imagined!"

The details:

When: 16th July 2021

Where: The Old Forge, Sand Hutton, York, YO41 1LB

Timings: Arrive from 9.45 am talks begin at 10.00 am start - Depart from 3 pm if you have children to collect please feel free to leave earlier but if you’d like to stay and enjoy the atmosphere, either talk more or find a corner for some solitude you are welcome to stay until 4.00 pm. It really is a great space to read or sleep or think. The fire will remain stoked all afternoon and you are free to remain gathered around the table.


Early Bird Tickets: £85 book before 5th July 2021 - tickets include three course feast and all talks and workshops. There is a limited number of early bird tickets, once they are all sold out you will be able to buy tickets at the standard price. Price includes a £3 none refundable booking fee.

Standard Ticket: £95 tickets include three course feast and all talks and workshops. Price includes a £3 none refundable booking fee.

How to get there:

By Car: Car parking is available in the village off site only a short walk from the venue. The village of Sand Hutton lies just off the A64 so great road links and easy to find. Follow the sat nav. YO41 1LB

By train: Book a train to York. You can book a taxi to take you straight to the venue (when booking trains please leave plenty of time in case of traffic.)

Weather policy: This event is all about reconnecting with nature and the elements so much of the day will be outside whatever the weather so please dress sensibly in warm coats and shoes. We will be eating in the rather beautiful and warm barn or tent. If we have to reschedule because of the high winds, we will move your ticket to the new date.

Cancellation policy : No refunds unless exceptional circumstances. We will try to move you to another date and resell your ticket. If for any reason Jolly Allotment Ltd have to cancel the day we will refund you the ticket or give you the option to move to a new date.

Dietary Requirements: I cater for all dietary needs except regrettably Nut allergies, I hate not being able to cater for you nut allergic friends, but my kitchen is completely coeliac friendly and I use a lot of nuts. I know how much havoc trace gluten has on me and I cannot guarantee cross contamination of nuts, I am so sorry!

Food Manifesto: All the seasonal food will have full provenance. It will be as local and as organic or regenerative as possible, we have the most wonderful farmers here in Yorkshire.

Change of speakers: In exceptional circumstances our speakers may be subject to change but will always be beautiful people with a similar message and experience.

This will be a small intimate gathering; tickets are limited due to expected gathering restrictions. Temperatures will be taken on entry and you will be asked to wash and sanitise your hand regularly. Jolly Allotment Ltd is a registered food business we will be running this event under the government restricted safe guidelines for gatherings.

Accommodation: Please contact us for a recommended list of accommodation close by.

We are looking forward to welcoming you. Gathering is a human primal need it is going to be so joyful!

If you'd like to see and read all about past gatherings please follow the link below: Jolly Gutsy Gathering October 2019
You can follow us on Instagram @jollyallotmen

Jolly Allotment Ltd is a sustainable zero waste company. We plough all we can back into the soil to grow our food and recycle and reuse.